My Approach

I believe we all have the capacity to shape our own wellness stories.

My Approach

The modern world brings lots of advantages. But with those advantages, there is a serious problem. Starting with the Millennials, the upcoming generations are the first in a long time that are actually predicted to have a shorter life expectancy than their parents.

Why? Well, we certainly have made amazing advances in medicine. However, despite such advances, we are continuing to see  massive increases in the onset and progression of chronic diseases, such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, mental illness, and autoimmune disorders. 

So, if you’re in a situation where you need care for physical trauma – you are in significantly better luck than anytime previously in the history of the world. But if you’re sick with some variety of chronic disease, medicine is probably failing you.

Despite many wonderful advances, the march toward chronic conditions continues with every indication suggesting they will increase.

Many times, despite lacking a specifically diagnosed condition, people will still spend years of their lives far from thriving.

Instead of creating a wellness story, they’re living a survival story.

Does this sound familiar?

Tools for Creating Wellness

So how can we transform that into a wellness story?

Creative Power

Use all the of your creative powers in order to write a different story.

Functional Medicine

Addresses root, or causative factors, in the development of disease or dysfunction.

Individualized Nutrition

Skip diets and dogma, individualizing nutrition to your own story.

Creative Powers

The bad news about chronic disease is that there isn’t a cure. The good news about chronic disease is, there are thousands of ways we can impact our health, with the choices we make.

How do we do this? We use the tools of our creative power to write different stories. The more we learn to master and use these tools, the more capable we are of generating better stories.

These tools include not only the food we eat, but also, the words we speak, the thoughts we meditate on, our interpersonal connections,  the movement and rest we engage in, and even the grace and forgiveness we cultivate.

As a nutritionist, my primary focus starts with food. However, food is not the entire story. People can eat perfect diets (if there even is such a thing) and still find themselves unwell. While food may be the cornerstone, it’s not 100% of the fix, and any approach to wellness that is going to succeed has to recognize the entirety of our humanity.

A wellness story that only talks about food, is like a movie with only a script. You may have a great set-up, but you’re lacking a cohesive film.

Functional Medicine

As a Nutritionist, I chose to focus my studies in Functional Medicine. Functional Medicine is an approach to healthcare that was created to help addresses the modern crisis of chronic disease. The advantage of Functional Medicine is that it addresses root or causative factors in the development of dysfunction, rather than only looking at and treating disease retroactively.

Functional Medicine is a science based, proactive approach, to altering health, by realizing that every patient has a unique story past, and that the best approach to bringing vitality will differ between individuals. There is no formula for health because health is not an arrival point.

Health is a story. 

Individualized Nutrition

I believe in the power of food to help create wellness. 

My food philosophy is based on using real food in its most natural form. Food is, simply put, biochemical information. Most frequently we think of food as providing energy (or calories) which it does. But food is more than calories. Food is the raw material we use to repair our bodies with, and it’s what we use when we build tissue (organs, cells, muscles, etc.) But food is, yet still, even more than that. When we break food down in digestion, food is also full of biochemical information. The vitamins, minerals, and various nutrients in food actually interact with our own genetics, causing certain genes to be turned on, up-regulated, down-regulated, or turned off.

To put it another way, food interacts with the blueprint, provides construction material, and gives fuel for your body.

I help people become clear on how to use food to help them create the most wellness.

My wellness philosophy is about being empowered; it’s about understanding your power, and understanding how you can continually use that power to create the most vibrant wellness story possible.

Food is the ink, but you are the writer.