We all tell stories about our lives. Isn’t it time to write a better wellness story?

I’m Elle Berry, and I am the proud creator of A Wellness Story. I have a Master of Science degree in human nutrition and functional medicine, and I believe passionately in the power of real food to nourish and better our lives.

A Wellness Story is birthed from my belief that we are all story tellers, and we all carry an amazing capacity to help create our world. We tell stories about our lives, using our words, our emotions, our bodies, and our choices—we all possess the creative power to make a difference in the world, starting with the choices we make about our health.

Sadly, food and wellness have become particularly smoggy with confusion, and that leaves a lot of us feeling completely overwhelmed, discouraged, and disempowered about how to live well.

I totally get it. Don’t worry, I have been there, and I know exactly what that feels like. That’s why I created A Wellness story.

And that’s what I’m here for — to help the overwhelmed and undernourished abolish shame and cut out confusion about nutrition and wellness. But most of all, I’m here to help empower you to create your own vibrant wellness story, starting right now, today, wherever you are. This is your next chapter. Welcome.

You can read about my wellness story here: