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Understand how Functional Nutrition and Creative Powers can give you the advantage you’ve been missing.


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We all tell stories about our lives.

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Hi! I’m Elle Berry — I am a nutritionist, and the proud creator of A Wellness Story. I believe passionately in the power of real food to nourish and better our lives, and I am so excited to share that passion with you.


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Potent Creative Powers?

Writing a better Wellness Story starts with food — but I realize the nutrition world has become impossibly confusing. That’s why I created this short guide to give you 3 of my most powerful and simple tips about food. Get your guide, if you’re ready to cut the confusion and reclaim your power!

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My Approach

Discover Your Creative Powers

Starting with food, learn to use all of your creative powers in order to create a different story.

Apply Principles of Functional Medicine

The principles of Functional Medicine will allow you to address root factors in the development of disease or dysfunction.

Individualize Your Nutrition Plan

Skip diets and dogma, and use an individualized nutrition  approach to creating your own wellness story.

We all tell stories about our lives ...

And this is mine

“Between the age of 11 and 22 you could simply figure out my weight by adding a zero to my age. By the time I hit my early 20’s I was well into the 220+ lb. range. As a 5’2” female, 220 lbs. placed me solidly in the category of obese.”